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Travel conditions

Application Information (Be sure to read these travel conditions when applying)

*This travel conditions document serves as both the transaction conditions manual stipulated in Article 12-4 of the Travel Agency Law and the contract document stipulated in Article 12-5 of the same law.

Recruitment planning travel contract

This trip is a trip planned, recruited and implemented by Konan Bus Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), and customers who participate in this trip must enter into an agent-organized tour contract (hereinafter referred to as "travel contract") with our company. ) will be concluded.

●Timing of travel application and contract conclusion

(1) Please fill in the required items on the travel application form prescribed by the Company and apply together with the travel fee. (Reservations must be made up to 7 days before the service date)
(2) The Company also accepts applications for reservation of Travel Contracts by telephone. In this case, the application form and the travel fee must be submitted within 7 days from the day following the telephone reservation application.
(3) The travel contract with the customer shall be concluded when the travel fee is paid.

●Payment of travel fee

Please pay the travel fee at least 11 days before the departure date.

●What is included in the tour price

Only the bus fare is included in the tour price.
(Excludes transportation expenses and other personal expenses that are not included in the course.)

● Cancellation of contract by the customer

(1) The customer may cancel the tour contract at any time by paying the cancellation fee specified below. In this case, we will deduct a prescribed cancellation fee from the travel fee already received and refund it.

Tour contract
cancellation date
11 days ago 10-8 days ago 7-2 days ago 1 day ago Today After the start of the trip or
no contact or no participation
Cancellation fee Free 20% of the travel fee 30% 40% 50% 100%

(2) The customer may cancel the contract without a cancellation fee in the following cases.
a When there is an important change in the content of the contract
b When the travel fee is increased
c When it becomes impossible to safely and smoothly travel due to reasons such as natural disasters, riots, etc., or when the possibility of doing so is extremely high
d When it becomes impossible to implement the tour according to the contract document due to reasons attributable to our company

● Termination of contract from us

The Company may cancel the contract in the following cases.
a When it is found that the traveler does not meet the conditions of the participating travelers such as gender, age, qualifications, skills, etc. specified in advance by the Company
b When it is recognized that the traveler is unable to endure the trip due to illness, the absence of a necessary helper, or other reasons
c When it is recognized that the traveler may cause trouble to other travelers or hinder the smooth implementation of the group tour
d Safe and smooth implementation of the tour according to the itinerary described in the contract document due to natural disasters, riots, suspension of services such as transportation and accommodation facilities, orders from public offices, and other reasons beyond our control becomes impossible, or when there is an extremely high risk of it

●Our responsibility and disclaimer

(1) In the course of fulfilling the tour contract, if our company causes damage to the customer due to our intention or negligence, we will compensate the customer for the damage.
(2) Regarding damage to baggage, we will compensate up to 150,000 yen per person only if the Company is notified within 14 days from the day following the occurrence of the damage.
(3) If the customer suffers damage due to the following reasons, our company will not be responsible for the above.
a Natural disaster, riot, or change or cancellation of itinerary due to these
b Accidents at transportation/accommodation facilities, etc., or fires, or changes in itinerary or cancellation of trips due to these
c Isolation due to government orders or infectious diseases d Accidents during free movement eFood poisoning f Theft
gTransportation delays, interruptions, or changes in itineraries or shortening of the intended period of stay
h Accidents that occur while intentionally performing illegal acts or receiving illegal services

Special compensation

(1) Regardless of whether it is intentional or negligent, we will compensate for the damage caused to the life, body, or baggage of the customer due to a sudden and accidental external accident during the trip, based on the special compensation provisions of the travel industry contract. We will pay compensation and condolence money for the damage.
(2) If the damage suffered by the customer while participating in the tour is due to the customer's willfulness, drunkenness, illness, etc., or an accident caused by dangerous exercise such as hang gliding, our company will compensate in the same paragraph. I will not pay money or solatium.
(3) Compensation and consolation money under the same paragraph will be paid for accidents and damages suffered by the customer that occurred on the day when the traveler did not receive the services of transportation and accommodation facilities related to the arrangement of the Company during the relevant itinerary. No payment.

●Travel Guarantee

If any of the following important changes occur in the contract details described in the pamphlet, we will pay a compensation for the change, which is the amount obtained by multiplying the tour price by a predetermined rate of 1% to 5%. The upper limit is 15% per recruitment type planning trip per traveler, and if the total amount of change compensation to be paid is less than 1,000 yen, no payment will be made. However, in the event of force majeure such as natural disasters, riots, etc., or suspension of travel services provided by transportation/accommodation facilities, etc., compensation for changes may not be paid.
In addition, with the customer's consent, the Company may compensate by providing goods or travel services of equal or greater value instead of paying a monetary change compensation fee.
a Change the travel start date or travel end date
b Change of travel destination
c Change to a lower class of transportation facility or equipment

●Customer responsibility

If the Company suffers damage due to the customer's intention or negligence, the customer will be required to compensate for the damage.

●Minimum number of participants

The minimum number of people for this trip is 2 people.

● Criteria for travel conditions

These travel conditions are based on 1 March 2021.


(1) Departure and arrival times at the destination may be delayed due to traffic congestion, road conditions such as snowfall, and other unavoidable reasons. Therefore, even if a customer has to use other means of transportation or accommodation such as a taxi, the Company will not respond to such requests at all.
(2) We may operate buses of other companies for our convenience.
(3) Other matters shall be in accordance with the Company's "Recruitment Type Package Tour Contract Clause" approved by the Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency.

Handling of Personal Information

In addition to using the personal information entered in the application form submitted at the time of travel application for communication with customers, we will use it for transportation and accommodation facilities etc. We will use personal information to the extent necessary for arranging the services we provide and for procedures for receiving those services. In addition, we may (1) provide information on products, services, and campaigns of our company and companies affiliated with our company, (2) request submission of opinions and impressions after participating in a trip, (3) request questionnaires, (4) submit special services, and (5) create statistical materials. We may use your personal information.


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